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The Miracle of Food Preservation

Today, almost half of all the food we produce in the world never makes it to a plate. We allow a staggering two billion tons of food to go to waste each and every year. If we eliminated this unnecessary food waste, we could potentially provide 60-100 percent more food to feed the world’s growing population.

In America there is another problem. We don’t just waste food that never makes it to our kitchens and  tables, we end up discarding 40% of what we purchase. Ira Sager at BusinessWeek recenltly described this problem: “I am not alone in my wasteful habits. I live in the United States of Food Waste. On average, my  fellow citizens throw away 20 pounds of food each month, which amounts to $2,275 a year for a family of four, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.”

For thousands of years mankind has had ample reason to waste less and prepare for devastating tomorrows. Our ancestors would likely be amazed at our abundance, appalled at our wasteful behavior, and shocked at our lack of foresight.

Some of you may think, like our progenitors did, that we face an uncertain future. It raises a question, “Is there a need to prepare for some sort of minor or major calamity?” What is the chance that such an occurrence will be in the form of one of the following: loss of employment, economic collapse, earthquake, civil unrest, drought, disease or a host of other things?

A modern solution, Home Freeze Drying may be the best preservation approach. Canning and dehydrating are good ways to preserve food; however, for the first time ever, it is possible for families and individuals to access superior freeze drying technology at a reasonable price.

Why Freeze Dry? Preserve the Foods You Want.

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